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The Mackenzie Arnold Fan Pass takes you behind the scenes with the Tillies star goalkeeper. It’s your ticket to Mackenzie's Official Fan Club, where she’ll send you 10 video updates all throughout the season. Mackenzie will talk about her games and give exclusive insights into her life off the field. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask her a question and win some awesome prizes. A great gift for any Matildas fan!

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Christmas Gift Box

Your Christmas Gift Box is full of Swysh goodies including a limited edition Swysh hat (adjustable sizing), mini footy, drink bottle, Swysh Posisocks and assorted chocolates. Available to Australian and NZ residents only.


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Football  /  Matildas

A Fan Pass is the best gift for the biggest fans.

How Fan Pass Works

  • Find your star from the AFL, NRL or Matildas

  • Join their official Fan Club

  • Get exclusive video updates and share their journey in 2024


What is a Swysh Fan Pass?

The all new Swysh Fan Pass is a fan’s golden ticket to go behind the scenes with their favourite star in 2024. You’ll join your star’s Official Fan Club, receiving exclusive video updates from them all throughout the season. The perfect gift for any fan.

What’s included in a Fan Pass?

You’ll get 10 video updates throughout 2024 sent straight to your email. Your star will make original and exlcusive content for you, talking about things like their previous or upcoming games, how they prepare, what they get up to on their days off and give you other great insights into the life of a professional athlete. You’ll also get the opportunity to ask your star a question and win some awesome prizes.

Are the videos published?

No, these videos aren’t published anywhere and they’re exclusively for the holders of a Fan Pass.

Can I buy a Fan Pass as a gift?

Yes, absolutely. A Fan Pass is a perfect gift for anyone who loves their sport. If you’d like us to deliver the videos straight to the recipient, just email us at and we’ll change the details for you.

Can I swap my Fan Pass?

Unfortunately Fan Passes cannot be swapped or refunded, however we can change the recipient of the Fan Pass. Simply send our team an email with the mobile number and email of the new recipient for the Fan Pass.

Is this the same as a personalised video message?

No. The star chooses the type of content they’d like to send to their fan club. If you’d like to book a personalised video message, please find your favourite star here.