Michael Clarke available for requests!

The Swysh Product

Swysh gives sports fans the most exciting and personalised fan experience from the convenience of their mobile phone.

In just a few clicks, you can get a sports star to wish someone happy birthday, tell a career story or banter with your mates. The best part? Every video on Swysh supports local kids charities!

The Swysh Team

We are a dedicated team of sport lovers focused on three things. More athletes for you to choose from, more fans to experience the thrill of Swysh and more dollars for our charity partners.

We have some of the biggest names in Aussie and NZ sport engaging with fans on Swysh and we're pumped to keep that list growing for you!

We get excited by every request and get a thrill out of every video!

The Swysh Charities

When you're buying a Swysh video from any athlete, you're also helping disadvantaged kids via our awesome charity partners.

We donate at least 20% of the price of every video to Starlight & Variety (Australia) and Graeme Dingle Foudnation & UpsideDowns (NZ). This is guaranteed!

So whether you're a fan, a sports star or part of the Swysh team, it’s a great feeling knowing that every Swysh video gives some help to kids who need it most.

Swysh videos excite fans, inspire athletes all while giving some help to kids doing it tough

Mike, Swysh Founder