FAQs for Fans

What is Swysh?

Swysh gives you the chance to order a personalised video from your favourite sports star! Give someone the most awesome gift or ask your hero a question that you’ve always wanted to!

The best part? We donate at least 20% of the proceeds from the sale of every video to our local charity partners to support kids who need it most!

How do I book a video?

Find your favourite Star on our website, and follow the easy steps to complete the booking. We’ll take care of the rest! To search for your favourite Star, click here.

How do I receive the video?

When the video is ready, we'll send it to you by SMS and email. If it's a gift, you can keep it until the special day - it's yours to keep and share forever!

What should I book a video for?

A Swysh video is a great gift - ask your Star for a happy birthday message, to wish your partner happy anniversary, cheer someone up or just some general banter to share with your friends. You might also want a video for yourself - ask your Star a question or a tip to help you with your game. Swysh is all about having fun!

Remember, each video is about 20-60 seconds so be very clear with your instructions.

The views and contents of each video belong to the Swysh Star only and are in no way endorsed by any club or association.

Are there rules for the video request?

We want Swysh to be fun, but we also want to make sure the Stars are comfortable on the platform. Please ensure all instructions are appropriate and respectful - our rules can be found in our User Terms.

Note, all requests are subject to the approval of both Swysh and the Star. If a request is rejected, you will receive a full refund.

How long will it take to receive my video?

Short answer is, it depends on the star! Most videos are sent back within 5-7 days (some tend to do it much quicker - check out our 'Speedy Delivery' category!). Sometimes Swysh Stars are busy with games or other commitments so it can take a bit longer. If you do not receive your video within a week, we will give you the option of cancelling and receiving a full refund (unless you choose to wait a little longer).

How much goes to charity?

At least 20% of all revenue is donated to our wonderful charity partners to help Aussie kids in different ways. You can find out more about the projects that Swysh supports by clicking here. As many of our Stars donate their fees,  this number can increase to as high as 70% per video!

What happens if I can’t find my favourite sports star?

We’re currently talking to loads of Stars and aim to bring you more Stars on Swysh every day! If you’d like to tell us your favourite, please email us at info@heyswysh.com.

You can also send your favourite sports star a message on Twitter or Instagram letting them know that you’d love them to join Swysh!

Am I guaranteed to receive the video?

We do our best to work with our Stars to ensure all videos are completed, however sometimes schedules change and the Star may not be able to complete your request within a week. If you don’t receive your video within a week, you will be able to cancel the request and receive a full refund.

How do I contact Swysh?

We’d love to hear from you at any time. Please DM us on Instagram (@swysh) or email us at info@heyswysh.com and someone from our team will respond to you asap!

FAQs for Stars

How do I film the video?

Every request is filmed conveniently in the Swysh athlete app on your mobile phone. Each video should be about 30 seconds or so.

A Star has up to a week to film each Swysh video before the customer can obtain a refund - we love sending videos back to fans as soon as possible :)

How much will my video cost?

The cost of a video is chosen by each Star and will generally range between $20 and $150. We’ll help you set the initial price and then work with you to ensure your video is best set!

Do I need to accept every request?

We’ll screen the requests before sending them to you, but if you’re not comfortable with a request you can decline it - there is no obligation to make a video that you don’t want to do. If you decline a request, the customer will change the request or get a refund.

How do I join Swysh?

If you’d like to be a Swysh Star, please apply here or email us at info@heyswysh.com if you'd like more info.