Every kid deserves a chance to shine

SWYSH donates a minimum of 20% from the total proceeds from every video to causes that support disadvantaged or sick children

How you & Swysh give back

Every video purchased helps kids in need
1. You buy your video from one of our Swysh Stars
2. We donate 20% of the price automatically (distributed equally)
3. Stars can increase that donation up to 70% of the total price
4. Together, we make an impact!

Our Australian Charity Partners

We hand pick charities that have an everlasting impact on kids’ lives:

Wishgranting at Starlight Children’s Foundation

Starlight replaces pain, fear and stress with fun, joy and laughter. A Starlight Wish is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a seriously ill child and their family. Swysh will provide funding towards Starlight Wishes to help make dreams come true for sick kids and their families, giving the gift of hope during the toughest of times.
"After getting through the immense family and financial disruption of having a critically/chronically ill child, the Starlight Wish opportunity enabled our family to enjoy a totally stress free holiday together for the first time. It was also special because the siblings are involved and recognised for their important and selfless contribution during the difficult times of illness.” – Starlight parent

Variety Heart Scholarships

Variety – the Children’s Charity provides scholarships to kids with an existing talent to achieve their full potential and follow their dreams. Swysh contributes funds to help Variety deliver as many scholarships as possible to help kids living with disabilities, chronic illness or financial hardship.
"The financial commitment of one elite sport can place a huge burden on families, but when you are also working with the additional costs of a disability and two more national level sports, limitations can squash dreams. Thanks to my Variety Heart Scholarship I have been able to commit to swimming at both a national and international level and also be able to map out my pathway towards the 2020 Paralympic trials." - Oscar

Our New Zealand Charity Partners

We hand pick charities that have an everlasting impact on kids’ lives:

Graeme Dingle Foundation

The Graeme Dingle Foundation inspires all school age New Zealand children to reach their full potential through various initiatives. Swysh will help fund the Project K program, which focuses on building confidence, teaching life skills and self-reliance through wilderness adventure and mentoring programs.
“Project K taught me that when I couldn't see a way through the hard times, to not give up but keep on trying. It gave me a different outlook on life. The ability to learn more about myself, and how fortunate I am to live in the world I do". - Project K Alumni


UpsideDowns funds the provision of crucial speech language therapy for Kiwi kids with Down syndrome. All donations by Swysh will be used to fund these therapy sessions, to help kids with Down syndrome reach their full potential.
“Now that I know the cost, I'm so much more grateful for the funding. We would probably not be able to take Micah otherwise and am so saddened to think about that" – Micah’s Mum